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Our Environmental Policy

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CENDER HOTEL is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society, believes in continuous development and carries out its activities,

  • Comply with existing International and National Legislation and ISO 14001 Standard requirements,
  • To minimize the pollution which may occur as a result of our activities by keeping all kinds of factors that may cause pollution to the nature and environment and to keep them at this level,
  • To follow and implement technological developments in order to ensure correct use of natural resources,
  • The guests, by focusing on a healthy environment in order to be able to make a holiday, request, expectation and needs to investigate, to provide appropriate services and planning,
  • To share the works we do in order to protect the environment with our employees, our guests, our suppliers and the society,
  • To ensure that environmental awareness is a part of life and to provide training to improve the environmental sensitivity according to the need,
  • To determine the principles of Waste Management and to guide our employees, guests, suppliers and environmental enterprises as conscious consumers in line with these principles and to reduce wastes resulting from consumption and consumption and to evaluate them correctly,
  • To make environmental impacts measurable, to link the results, to set targets for continuous improvement of the services provided, to ensure the unity of employees and management,
  • Undertakes to carry out necessary research, project and applications on the principle of biodiversity conservation.