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Our Quality Policy

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In our business our main objective principle is; keeping our guests and staff at the highest level of satisfaction by providing a quality service.

Within this principle;

  • To fulfill all legal requirements,
  • Within the scope of the nature conservation program, we ensure that our wastes are recycled or made harmless as much as possible, reducing the amount of waste etc. to be seated in an environmentally friendly working system,
  • Keeping the hygiene conditions at the forefront in the hotel, under any circumstances,
  • To follow the impressions of guests coming from all kinds of sources,
  • Solving grievance issues and giving feedback about them. For the pleasant impressions, we point out that we are open to suggestions by reaching our valuable guests and turn all these opinions and / or experiences into opportunities for our facility,
  • To prevent these accidents by minimizing all risks that may endanger the health, safety and work safety of our business partners, guests and staff,
  • Within the scope of total quality management, we continuously improve our training and development, as well as the selection of our officials to carefully carry out our hotel, which is competing at the highest levels in both national and international markets.